An integrated biorefinery for the conversion of dairy by-products to high value bio-based chemicals

About AgriChemWhey

AgriChemWhey will seek to build a first-of-a kind, industrial-scale bio-refinery which will take by-products from the dairy processing industry – excess whey permeate (WP) and delactosed whey permeate (DLP) – and convert them into cost competitive, sustainable lactic acid. This lactic acid can in turn be used to make value-added bio-based products for growing global markets, including biodegradable plastics, bio-based fertiliser and other minerals. This Flagship will prove the techno-economic viability of the innovative WP/DLP-to-lactic acid bio-refinery technology and will provide both the dairy industry and wider society with an opportunity for greater resource efficiency – less food waste, more products from the same starting material (milk), and integration of food and non-food material production.

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