5th AgriChemWhey Consortium Meeting

The 5th AgriChemWhey (ACW) Consortium meeting took place on the 3rd of December 2019 at University College Dublin.

The meeting brought together representatives from all partners and work packages. Each partner presented updates on their ongoing work and shared their plans for the next 6 months.

Work to date has been carried out towards the process integration, optimisation and scale-up, with detailed discussions between the consortium members on the upstream and downstream processing. This provided input for further discussion by the consortium on the equipment design, modelling and operations for the overall design of the flagship plant.

Communication and dissemination activities were also discussed and the ACW project has been well represented at many events and conferences throughout 2019.

The consortium welcomed new team members Jean Corbally (CMP), Filoklis Pileidis (PNO Brussels) and Sumit Sukhbasi Lal (TCD).

The next consortium meeting will take place in June 2020 at the project site and ACW biorefinery location in Lisheen, Co Tipperary, Ireland.